Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Fortnight Menu

OK, proof that i DO do a menu a fortnight in advance:

Tonight: Steak Sandwiches
Mon 7/11: Carbonara
Tues 8/11: Apricot Chicken
Wed 9/11: Spaghetti Bolognaise
Thur 10/11: Chicken Snitzel & veg
Fri 11/11: Tacos
Sat 12/11: BBQ ribs with corn on the cob and potato bake
Sun 13/11: Satay Chicken
Mon 14/11: Imperial Beef & Fried Rice
Tue 15/11: Sugar spiced pork cutlets & corn fritas
Wed 16/11: Lamb patties with beetroot & tzatziki (new recipe for us!)
Thur 17/11: Chicken wings & veg
Fri 18/11: Slow roasted lamb with roast veg (another new recipe!!)
Sat 19/11: Rice noodle salad (look out world - 3 new recipes in 1 week!!)
Sun 20/11: Chicken enchilladas

Now, i can make everything up to Friday with what i've got already, so i'm going to get the groceries delivered Friday morning and we get our fresh fruit & veg every saturday morning at the markets. It cost us about $15 for fruit and veg for the week yesterday and i think the only thing i missed was carrots, which is only about $1 from the shops - and i don't have to get any of them until Tuesday :D I'll keep you posted on how much my Friday shop is for the rest of the fortnight!

I'll probably try and stretch this shop out to the following Tuesday as well, when i'll do another grocery delivery (i like to do them Tuesday and Friday because my son is in daycare and i find it easier without him around!!). I know i've got at least one meal already made in the freezer, and we might have pizza one night, so that should do us!!!

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