Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Basic Curry

Welcome to 2012 everyone, and happy new year!!!

Sorry it's taken me so long to blog recently - it's been a bit mad around Christmas!! I hope you all had a delicious Christmas with friends and family :D

My family came to stay over Christmas, and my dad (who is a VERY fussy eater) asked me to cook the same recipe twice!! A very rare thing for me dad :D Mum just asked for the recipe off me - you know you're cooking is going OK when your mum is asking you for your recipes!!! So, i thought i'd share it with you all.

This curry recipe is very basic, and doesn't really have measurements, but i tend to make it as a chicken/turkey curry or a sausage curry - it's a great way to use up left over roast meat or a leftover BBQ chook :D

Basic Curry Recipe

Heat pan and cook some finely chopped onion in some butter.

Add curry powder (1-2 tsp should do the trick) and cook for 1 minute.

Add flour (1-2 tbsp should do the trick) and cook again for 1 minute.

Add stock while stirring constantly. If i'm making a chicken/turkey curry i use chicken stock. If i'm making a sausage curry i use beef stock. You will need enough to just cover all the veggies and meat when it's added.

Bring to the boil.

Add meat and veggies and season to taste. Stir and allow to simmer.

If the curry is too thin, add more flour. If there is not enough sauce, add more stock or water. You may then need to add flour as well :D

Hope this helps you use up some of your leftovers, and enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal at the same time!